Bentley for men intense


Bentley for men Intense

Bentley for men intense is a designer car company fragrance for men. So what can be said about this scent? In my opinion this is an absolute masterpiece of a fragrance in either the designer world of fragrances or the niche world of fragrances and here’s why.
Most designer fragrance releases these days are quite generic and somewhat boring, I see no problem with this and the term generic is quite loosely used to typify scents of an aquatic, sporty and crowd pleasing composition. Now fragrances like these certainly can be fantastic and satisfing, take for example Chanel’ Bleu de Chanel and Dior’ Sauvage, both of which I hold in high regard but alas they are both very un-daring and this is where Bentley Intense shines.
The few designer scents that have pushed the boundaries are of course the much loved and also my personal favourite designer is Dior Homme Intense, Gucci Pour Homme and Tom Fords amazing Noir Extreme and in my opinion Bentley Intense should be held also in such high regard for it boldness, uniqueness and beauty especially for a scent from a car manufactuer.
I have seen many reviews of Bentley by other reviewers who have compared this to a couple of niche scents that have exceptionally higher price tags and they would be Olfactic Studio Chambre Noire and Lubins Idoles EDP. Now I can see where the comparisons are made as both these scents are boozy, spicy and somewhat dark but there is another fragrance of which I have also owned is much closer in its composition and that’s Roja Doves Enigma pour Homme.
Now Bentley Intense can be had if you shop around for under £30 for 100ml where as Enigma is £220 for 100ml on the Roja website so in my opinion represents fantastic value for money and given that on my skin it out performes Enigma in nearly every department and smells just a good, maybe not as natural and expensive but its certainly not to far off.
On to the scent itself and I’ll start with the listed notes and then describe what I actually get from it and how it performes for me…
Top notes :- Bergamot, Black Pepper, Bayleaf
Heart notes :- Clary sage, Geranium, Cinnamon, Rum and Woody note
Base :- Leather, Benzoin, Incense, Cedar, Patchouli
Upon first application I get a blast of the black pepper, bayleaf and rum but all these notes have a sparkly quality which I put down to Bergamot as I detect little citrus in the opening, and although rum is noted as a heart note it is there from the outset and is used seamlessly to transition from the top notes to the heart right through to the base notes and is ever present throughout the scents duration. The beautiful opening lasts around the 2 hour mark and then we are introduced to the Clary sage which ads a tinge of green-ness and the cinnamon which is blended quite wonderfully with the Clary sage and with the rum ever present the three notes are harmoniously beautiful together and then there is the geranium(my favourite floral note) which is somewhat in the background and playing second fiddle to the more dominant notes but it adds a degree of smoothness, all this keeps going on my skin for another 7-8 hours until the scent dies down and the base notes become apparent.
These notes combine beautifully and I get a slightly spicy leathery amber accord which I think is the patchouli and bezoin combining, it is a luxurious finish to this scent that really does envoke the feeling of being in a luxury car with all the leather, new wood and boozyness.
I think that Bentley set of to create a scent that was as bold, powerful and sensual as they’re cars and Perfumeur Nathalie Lorson has certainly hit the design brief nail firmly on the head and this is certainly one of my favourite Nathalie Lorson fragrances to date….
Scent :- 9/10
Longevity :- 8/10
Sillage :- 8/10
Value for money :- 10/10
Best for :- Date, night time, Autumn and Winter
Overall Rating :- 9/10